The Finnternet Like the Internet but with more me


I’m a mobile application developer & security freelancer who when not working on the odd mobile development project, can be found tinkering on my own entrepreneurial endeavors or sending malformed requests to your API in hopes of getting some of that sweet sweet bug bounty booty.

I spent a couple years as a cyber security researcher but left to be a firefighter because sitting alone in a windowless basement was starting to grind my gears & I wanted something completely different. In addition to the job being extremely rewarding, the schedule also allowed me to learn mobile app development on the side & travel a bunch.

After a countless number of Code Meows(cat stuck in a tree) & SOBs (Senior Out of Bed), my time fighting the red dragon (as I think some people call it) came to an end & before you ask no I didn’t get fired 😑 I left in order to pursue some of my business ideas, take interesting remote jobs, follow too many development blogs, & continue my travels.

In addition to working on random programming projects and talking (probably too much) about my fears that javascript is going to takeover the world, I enjoy dunking on fools (okay maybe just hitting a layup), pumping some iron, trying to make music that doesn’t make ears bleed, & “eating too much calzone” - my doctor.

Back when I used to know a bunch of circuit & hardware magic I got a BS in computer systems engineering and a BA in computer science from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.