Creator Kitchen: The Inspiration and the Idea

Creator Kitchen: The Inspiration and the Idea

Published December 29, 2021


After working on the project for a while, I couldn’t get it to a better DX than Notion so I decided to move my blog to Notion using

The Inspiration and the Idea

This year, I created this custom site from scratch. Inspired by Josh Comeau's Blog, I wanted to create posts that had custom, interactive React components. It took about three months to create the site and, although I like how it looks, it is still missing a bunch of features and improvements. Also, the post creation process isn't that great. Like most bloggers with a custom programming blog, I write the posts in markdown (more specifically MDX for the hability to use cusotm React components) in VSCode. This works but isn't ideal and definitely is not accessible for non-programmers. So, this has inspired me to create a blogging platform that has the following qualities,
  • Super easy to edit
  • Great defaults, but still highly customizable if you want
  • The important blog features (e.g RSS feed, accessible, optimized, Open Graph Protocol, internationalized, etc.)
  • The common post components (e.g. headers, links, callouts, embeds, code block, etc)
  • The hability to easily create custom components to use in the posts (e.g. a quiz component)
I want to mix the best qualities of editors like Notion and Medium to create an easy editing experience mas, at the same time, really powerful and without limits if you want to customize. I want the platform to enable people to create cool posts like Josh's or other impressive blogs. I already started (I took a bit to write this post 😬), but I wanted to post this and I am going to try to make weekly posts to document the progress. Feel free to send me a message on Twitter with any thoughts, ideas, or wants in a platform like this.
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